The Lessons of Madrid


March 18, 2004

In the wake of the Madrid bombings, which left 202 dead and almost 1,700 wounded, the head of France's armed forces, Henri Bentegeat, called Al-Qaeda "a hydra with many heads.... If we catch one head, there will be others."

Wreckage from the Madrid BombingsGeneral Bentegeat's metaphor was intended to capture the diffuse character of Islamic terrorism, which is not centralized in a single hierarchical network but instead localized in small cells, many of them spread throughout the West, where they work toward common Islamic objectives, like blowing up trains. His metaphor was also a PC circumlocution, an elegant way of obfuscating a glaring and deadly problem in multiracial demography, part of what Welsh actor John Rhys-Davies has called the "demographic catastrophe happening in Europe that nobody wants to talk about." Bentegeat really meant, concretely, that Europe has far too many Muslims who share the ideals of the Muslim terrorists responsible for the Madrid bombings. If you arrest one group of Muslim terrorists, there will still remain a deep reservoir of militant Muslims who can take up where their predecessors left off. There are, for example, over 100,000 Muslims in Madrid alone, a dark body of multiracial diversity large enough to spawn dozens of new hydra heads, even if the Spanish police manage to kill off the current hydra.

Bentegeat's own nation is dedicated, like most of the West, to non-enforcement of immigration law and ritual celebration of the resulting racial balkanization. It is afflicted with over five million Muslims, along with a rich culture of Muslim crime and violence unparalleled in Europe. Large sections of many French cities have become Maghrebi versions of Detroit, and a Muslim terror cell in France, the Servants of Allah the Powerful and Wise, has just threatened the French government over its secularist attempt to ban Muslim headscarves from public schools: "With this headscarf law, you have participated in an unjust aggression. You have decided on your own to put yourself on the list of Islam's worst enemies."

As with many racial issues, it is useful to step back from the details of current events and look clearly at the obvious. The best way to stop the spread of radical Islam in the West is to stop the importation of Muslims. Islamic terror thrives on open borders. A valuable tautology: Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all Muslim terrorists are Muslims. If you want more Muslim terrorists, import more Muslims. If you don't want more Muslim terrorists, close your borders against Muslims. No reasonable person could deny those self-evident truths, but the powerful dogmas of multiracialism inhibit anyone with mainstream pretensions from openly saying them. Hence General Bentegeat's imprecise talk of self-replicating "hydra heads" of Islamic terror, when he should have identified the lethal threat posed by millions of Third World Muslims spread across Europe.

This pattern of PC obfuscation is common throughout the West. Ken Livingstone, London's multiracialist mayor, spoke yesterday of the inevitability of a terror attack of Madrid-like proportions against his city: "Given that some are prepared to give their own lives, it would be inconceivable that someone does not get through to London." Mayor Livingstone is not worried that recent Swedish immigrants are likely to kill British citizens in the name of Allah. He fears that Muslims will. And of course the amorphous "someone" he mentions doesn't need to "get through to London," since this someone and his co-religionists already live there, as the result of an immigration policy that Livingstone himself aggressively supports. London, or "Londonistan" in the parlance of both European police forces and Islamic jihadists, now has a large enough supply of Muslim militants that it regularly exports them around the globe. Islam did not descend upon London like toxic manna from heaven; two million Muslims were imported into Britain through a consciously anti-racialist immigration policy that all mainstream British political parties defend.

An obvious but generally unacknowledged truth concealed by the War on Terror is that we are rarely threatened by Muslims until they arrive on our shores. We in the West are not seriously endangered by radical Islam in (say) Pakistan, though the Pakistanis are, paradoxically, endangered by radical Islam in Britain, which now exports its own homegrown jihadists, indoctrinated in Londonistan, to their country, along with several others. Tony Blair's multiracial Cool Britannia is both an importer and an exporter of Muslim fanatics.

Did Spain become safer because her outgoing government supported the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq? Would Spain be safer today if previous Spanish governments had prohibited Muslim immigration from North Africa? Was old White London more or less at risk of Islamic terror than modern Londonistan? Does the presence of seven million Muslims on American soil increase or decrease the likelihood of further Muslim terror attacks against Americans? If their number doubles, will Americans be safer or more at risk? These are not complicated questions, and we all know the answers. Securing your own national borders is a better protection against terrorism than violating someone else's.

Over half of the rapists in Denmark are Muslims, and most of their victims are native-born White women, often young teens subjected to violent gang rapes. Multiracialists in Europe shrug off unpleasant facts of this sort as the price of celebrating such a rich abundance of diversity. But they may find exploding trains more difficult to rationalize. More than any other event the rise, over the last decade, of Islamic terror within the West has demolished, for any sensible observer, the bizarre multiculturalist proposition that celebrating the cultural differences of incompatible peoples can be a source of national strength.

Multiracialism tells us that it would be very wicked ("racist") for majority-White nations to exclude any group of non-White immigrants. The steady flow of non-Whites from the Third World into the West, present and future Muslim terrorists among them, thus becomes a moral imperative, an imperative that only far-right "racists" refuse to acknowledge. Which is another way of saying that racialism is simple common sense, and that anti-racialism is Islamic terror's most reliable ally.


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