Hymn to Dawn

She has shone brightly like a young woman,
Stirring all creatures to life.
Now it is time to kindle the sacred Fire:
Dawn has made light and chased away the darkness.

Turned toward this far-spreading world
With white robes about her,
She has risen and shone in brightness.
She has beamed forth lovely with golden colors,
Mother of the kine, guide of the days she brings.

Our Lady of Light brings the Eye of the Gods,
As she leads her white, beautiful steed.
Dawn shines apparent, bestowing on all men
Her store of marvelous treasure.

Come with your bounty; drive away foes.
Grant us secure and lush pastures.
Disperse those who hate us.
Pour bounty, opulent lady, on the singer.

Beam forth your light to guide and sustain us.
Prolong, O Dawn, O Goddess, our days.
Give to us food, grant to us joy,
Chariots and cattle and horses.

Lady nobly born, daughter of heaven,
Worshiped by all the illustrious,
Grant us your blessings, riches and wealth.
Now and forever protect us!

Rig Veda 7.77


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