Two Nations, Not One

Kevin Alfred Strom

K.A. StromI have before me a document issued by the United States government, Federal Bureau of Investigation. It is entitled the FBI Uniform Crime Report, and it contains detailed statistics on every conceivable type of criminal activity that has come to the attention of the law enforcement establishment. It is a compilation of data from 10,950 different law enforcement agencies. It is an amazing document because, unlike the editors of the major newspapers or the talking heads on your evening news who purposely fail to mention such things, a racial breakdown on crimes is given. As I give you the data that the major media have worked so hard to keep from you, keep in mind that the FBI for some unknown reason leaves out several major racial groups in their racial breakdown. The only races listed are White, Black, American Indian or Alaskan native, and Asian or Pacific Islander. The most obvious omission is the mestizo immigrants from Mexico or other parts of Central or South America, who are sometimes miscalled "Hispanics." Their crime figures are lumped in with the White figures, skewing the White total upward. Other racial groups omitted are Arabs, Jews, North Africans, and other Middle Easterners, whose crime figures are also incorrectly lumped in with the White figures. Despite these faults, the document speaks powerfully to us on the gigantic differences in criminal behavior between Whites and Blacks in this country.

Now Blacks account for about 13% of the population. American Indians, Alaskan Natives, Asians and Pacific Islanders account for perhaps 2%. Therefore Whites as defined by the FBI must account for 85%. If the races were equal in their criminal behavior, and the police were equally concerned about the "civil rights" of White arrestees and Black arrestees, then one would expect that for any given category of crime, 85% of those arrested would be White and 13% of those arrested would be Black.

But that is not what we find in the FBI Uniform Crime Report. Let us look at several categories of crime. First let us look at burglary, where we find that 30.4% of arrestees are Black and 67.8% are White. 30.4 over 13, the Black burglary rate, divided by the White burglary rate of 67.8 over 85, gives us a figure of 2.93. If these arrest records accurately record the commission of burglaries, that means that Blacks commit burglary at almost 3 times the rate of Whites.

Using the same methodology, we can analyze the figures for other crimes also.

Many would argue that all gun laws are unconstitutional and that therefore weapons violations are not crimes at all. But it is still interesting to note that weapons violations are committed by Blacks at nearly 5 times the rate for Whites. These figures hardly support the media image of the White survivalist gun nut being the major threat to peaceable citizens, do they?

Blacks are caught receiving or buying stolen property at nearly 5 times the rate for Whites. They are involved in prostitution at almost 4 times the rate for Whites. They are arrested for drug crimes at over 4 times the rate for Whites.

Many liberals point to so-called "white-collar" crime as being primarily the province of White criminals. But the FBI crime report shows that assertion to be a lie. Blacks are more than three times as likely as Whites to be caught at forgery, counterfeiting, and fraud, and almost three times as likely to be caught at embezzlement.

According to the FBI, Blacks are more than 3 times as likely to be thieves as Whites. They are more than 4 times as likely to commit assault as Whites. They are almost 4.5 times as likely to steal a motor vehicle. According to the FBI, Blacks are more than 5 times as likely to commit forcible rape as Whites, over 8 times as likely to commit murder, and more than 10 times as likely to commit robbery. For all violent crimes considered together, Blacks are almost 5.5 times more likely to commit violent criminal acts than Whites, according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report.

And remember that Central American immigrants, Mexicans, and others, are included in the White figures. If the FBI had included a separate category for these immigrants the disparity would be even larger. And consider this: In cities with a large Black underclass, where crime is endemic and out of control, a large proportion of crimes go unreported or unsolved. The denizens of our urban jungles often don't care enough to report them, and the police have their hands full to the point where many reported crimes are "dealt with" only by filing the paperwork. In either case, no arrest is made so the crime never happened as far as the arrest statistics are concerned. If truly accurate figures were available they would be even more ominous than those I have just quoted from the FBI.

A few more statistics:

85% of all felonies committed against cabbies in New York City are committed by Blacks.

Nearly 25% of all Black males between the ages of 20 and 29 are in jail or on probation. This doesn't include those wanted or awaiting trial!

Statistically, Black neighborhoods are 3500% more violent than White ones.

Now why do I mention these statistics? I am not interested in making Blacks feel bad or embarrassed about the criminality of a substantial minority of their race. And we all know that there are violent and crime-prone Whites, and as our race and society deteriorate, their numbers are growing. No. I am not interested in making Whites feel superior or in helping them gloat over another people's serious problems. And in fact, I believe that much of the blame for Black crime in our society has to be laid at the door of the Whites, who have foolishly and arrogantly believed that what is an appropriate societal structure for our people is appropriate for all peoples.

What I am interested in doing is showing that what we have here are differences in behavior and culture as great as can be found among any two nations of the Earth. In fact, as shown by an array of facts so well documented and so persistent over time that they cannot be reasonably questioned, what we have here are in fact two separate nations existing unhappily and in a state of nearly constant conflict on the soil of modern America. The liberal dream has failed. It has not raised the level of the Black man; it has only brought down the White man. We have spent $2.5 trillion, that's twenty-five hundred thousands of millions of dollars, enough to buy the entire Fortune 500 and then some, enough to rebuild America -- we have spent this almost incomprehensibly large amount of our wealth, which we can never recover, on the impossible dream of integration. But the only thing we purchased was disintegration. What fools we have been!

Rational and decent Blacks are appalled at the state of their people, and more and more of them are calling for independence and freedom and self-government. The failed liberal system can't keep the pimps and the dealers out of the projects. But Louis Farrakhan can.

I cannot predict the future, but I know this: If we are to survive, these two nations must be unyoked one from the other, and we must each know freedom again.

One last thing on this subject. We hear a lot about "Black on Black" crime. No doubt, much Black crime is committed against fellow Blacks. But the media overemphasize this aspect of Black crime -- for two reasons. One is that Black crime is so omnipresent that it can't simply be ignored, as the controllers behind our media would prefer to do. Secondly, by stressing "Black on Black" crime, they obscure the racial warfare now taking place against Whites in our cities. Certain facts need to be brought forward to counter this misleading emphasis.

1. A majority of people who are murdered by Blacks are not Black.

2. In 1988 there were ten cases of White men raping Black women, but Black men raped White women in 9,405 cases.

3. White criminals attack Blacks only 2% of the time.

4. Of 629,000 interracial attacks recorded in 1985, fully 90% were Black on White. That bears repeating. Ninety per cent of interracial attacks consisted of Blacks attacking Whites, not the other way around.

What is the image of racial violence you read about in the newspapers or see on television? Usually it is an image of a vicious White "hater" with an unhealthy fascination with firearms; or a skinhead, invariably characterized as hate-filled, violent, and ignorant. Anti-American groups like the Jewish Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL) regularly issue reports (which the media parrot) bewailing the "dangerous rise of White racism" and calling for laws to outlaw the expression of any opinion deemed "racist" by the ADL. The next time you hear one of these ADL reports being quoted as gospel by a Tom Brokaw or Dan Rather, with a look of deep concern on his face, remember the fact that 90% of the interracial violence is Black on White.

Search your soul and decide for yourself if you will forgive the controlled media for lying to you for the last 30 years and more.

Free Speech -- February 1995. For more on the racial demographics of crime, read Interracial Rape Statistics and (off-site) Race War of Black Against White. For a specific example of a savage interracial crime buried by the mainstream media, see Wichita Massacre.


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